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Wimbish Elementary

Draft Turnaround Plan

Parent and Community Input and Feedback


Wimbish Elementary is in the second year of being identified as an Improvement Required school.  State Law (HB 1842) requires that a campus turnaround plan be developed to be implemented in the 2016-2017 school year if the school does not meet state standards.

The Turnaround Plan has been developed and is in the Draft review process.  Parents and community members are being offered the opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Turnaround Plan.  This input can be given electronically on the link below.  Copies of the feedback form are also available in the school office.

Click on the link below to provide input on improving the school prior to the development of the plan:  

Parent and Community Input on Wimbish Elementary Draft Turnaround Plan

Please feel free to call the school if you have questions – 682-867-6000.


AISD Parent Satisfaction Survey

The Arlington Independent School District is committed to providing a great place for students to learn and for parents to send their children for a quality education. Your responses to this survey are analyzed to determine what is working well in your child's school and any areas that may need improvement. Your input is important to us. This survey is anonymous and IP Addresses are not tracked.

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AISD is the proud home of the #1 ranked Archery Team in Texas. Now, incoming 5th-9th graders who are interested in this great sport have the opportunity to attend the AISD Summer Archery Camp June 6-9. Learn more about this great camp!

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2016 Viking Volleyball Camp

June 27-30

General Skills Camp:

Our general skills camp is available for students from 2nd-9th grades. The camp will cover the basic fundamentals of volleyball: passing, setting, serving, attacking and defense. We will also introduce serve receive, transition, offensive and defense systems.

Time: 9:00-11:30 AM; Monday, June 27-Thursday, June 30 (Thursday-Camp Tournament)

Features: Individual skill and court instruction: grouped by skill level, tournament play, daily camper awards, and camp T-shirt.

Cost: $80         Application deadline- Friday, June 19                Late Registration-add $10                  (Make checks payable to: Heather Woodman)

Specialty Camp: Hitter & Setter

            The Specialty camp is geared towards incoming 6th-9th graders.

  • Beginning hitters will learn all basics of becoming a successful hitter including 3 and 4 step approach jumps, emphasis on arm swing, attacking from the front and back court, transition attacking and blocking.
  • Advanced hitters will review the fundamentals and progress to one foot take offs, combinations, shot selections and tooling off of the block-all with an emphasis on ball control and power.
  • Beginning setters will learn all basics of becoming a successful setter including footwork, hand position, setting all front court and back court sets, combinations, defense and transition.
  • Advanced setters will review the fundamentals and progress to jump setting, spin setting, blocking, and dumping-all with an emphasis on combination plays and decision making.
  • We will combine the setters and hitters every day of camp to improve the learning experience.

Time: 12:30-2:30 PM; Monday, June 27-Wednesday, June 29

Features: Individual skill and court instruction: grouped by skill level; daily camper awards and camp T-shirt.

Cost: $75         Application deadline-Friday, June 17                  Late Registration-add $10   

  (Make checks payable to Heather Woodman)

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Wimbish Student Behavior Expectations


Wimbish students are learning about our new Student Behavior Expectations Matrix. Click on the image to see a larger, printable version. Thank you for your support at home.