"Education Begins with Transportation ... Working Together for Our Children."

Dept Hours

AISD Transportation
1124 W. Arkansas Lane
Arlington, TX 76013
Fax 817-459-7821
Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8:00am-4:30pm



W E L C O M E .......

Arlington I.S.D. Transportation provides transportation services including home-to-school, special needs, and field trip transportation, as well as summer and charter trips for the district.

We take pride in safely busing our students. Our trained drivers assist and protect the children while traveling to and from school or events.

Bus Evacuation Drill

Bus Evacuation Drill Bus Evacuation Drill

All AISD students are instructed in safe riding practices. These drills are just as important as having fire and tornado drills during the school day.

The idea of being involved in a traffic accident is always difficult. All AISD school bus drivers are instructed in the safe operation of the school bus, and part of this operation is the safe evacuation of the bus in the event of an accident or emergency.


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