School Report Cards

2010-11 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2009-10 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2008-09 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2007-08 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2006-07 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2005-06 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses) 

2004-05 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

2003-04 School Year (Includes all AISD Campuses)

To Access the Campus School Report Cards for Arlington ISD:

1. Go to the Academic Excellence Indicator System of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

2.  The current year is at the top.  Click on that year or the year you wish to view.

3.  At the bottom click on the School Report Cards which will have the year in front you have designated to view.

4.  Fill in 1 A)  or B), 2 and 3 on the submission form.  In 1 A) mark HTML for viewing the report on the computer or 2) PDF for printing the report. 

5.  For 2, select School Name. You will need to enlarge the screen  by clicking as indicated.

6.  In 3, enter the name of the campus without any designations after the name.  Then click Continue.  You will now be asked to select the correct campus, if the name matches other schools with similar names in the state. Select the campus, and then click on Continue.  You will now see the School Report Cards.

7. To help with understanding the reports, you can refer to the AEIS Glossary or Glosario.

If you have difficulty using this site, email the webmaster about inaccessible content. You may also file a formal grievance in accordance with district policies.