STEM Academy Summer Assignments - Due Two Weeks After School Starts!

STEM Academy students, assignments for summer are posted here.  Please make sure you select assignments for the courses you are taking.  For example, most freshman will take PreAP Biology; however, some will be in PreAP Chemistry.  Only complete the summer assignment for the course you are scheduled to take next year.

English Courses - Summer Assignments

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Sophomore Pre-AP English Summer AssignmentAmi Motsenbocker 6/1/2017125.32 KBDownload
Freshman Pre-AP English Summer AssignmentAmi Motsenbocker 6/2/2017263.53 KBDownload
AP English for Juniors Summer Assignment UPDATEDAmi Motsenbocker 6/26/2017325.03 KBDownload

Science Courses - Summer Assignments

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Pre AP Chemistry I Summer AssignmentAmi Motsenbocker 6/3/2017506.23 KBDownload
Pre-AP Biology Summer AssignmentAmi Motsenbocker 6/1/2017119.96 KBDownload
AP Chem II AssignmentAmi Motsenbocker 6/3/2017585.00 KBDownload
AP Chemistry II (Cover Letter and Notes)Ami Motsenbocker 6/3/2017112.00 KBDownload

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