STEM+ Point Documentation

STEM Academy students who are in the 9th grade are expected to earn STEM+ Points.  STEM+ Points are earned by participating in activities to extend and enrich your STEM knowledge and experience. 

Click here to view a PowerPoint about STEM+ Points.

  • All STEM Academy Freshman Students are expected to participate in STEM+ Points
  • You earn points for participating in all types of STEM-related events and activities
  • 25 STEM+ Points are expected during your freshman year
  • STEM+ Points are earned a  number of different ways, and different activities are worth a different number of points. 


STEM Academy students may earn points many different ways including:

  • Participation in Summer Bridge (6 points)
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Mentor Meetings (2 points per meeting - These are very important!)
  • Spark Surveys  (2 points per survey)
  • Field Trips
  • Participating in a STEM-related activity, club or team
  • STEM-related competitions
  • Serving as a STEM Ambassador

STEM+ Points are documented on a quick and easy STEM+ Point Google Form.  



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