STEM Academy

STEM Academy Goals and Benefits

What are the goals of the program?

  • To expose students to rigorous science, technology, engineering and math curriculum in order to develop a pathway to a future STEM career.
  • To develop students who are socially responsible, globally aware and locally engaged.
  • To develop a diverse group of students who will be successful as STEM majors in college with no remediation required.
  • To graduate students who will have an opportunity to complete their first year of STEM college courses and up to 32 college┬ásemester credit hours prior to high school graduation.
  • To graduate students with additional college credit earned through AP courses.
  • To develop students with strong leadership skills that allows them to communicate and collaborate with others.
  • To strengthen ties among the school district, UT Arlington and STEM-related businesses in our community.

What are the benefits for students who choose to participate in the program?

  • Students will be prepared to pursue a STEM-related career.
  • Students will develop professional life skills in preparation for a career in STEM.
  • Students will be part of the STEM cohort - a group of students that will take their STEM-related academic curriculum and core classes together in a collaborative environment.
  • Opportunity to select a STEM pathway(s) of greatest interest: Engineering, Biology/Biomedical science, Computer Science and Math/Science.
  • Students will earn Pre-AP, AP and dual credit with UT Arlington in STEM coursework.
  • Integration of STEM content into other core classes such as English and History. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to complete university courses in their major.
  • Student preparation to pursue a college degree in a STEM-related major at UT Arlington or their college of choice will be emphasized.
  • Possible automatic acceptance into specific STEM majors at UT Arlington for students who successfully complete their IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) as it relates to STEM coursework.
  • complete their IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) as it relates to STEM coursework.
  • Students will engage with professional and educational mentors to assist in their own personal growth and development in the STEM field.
  • Enrichment opportunities will provide students meaningful STEM experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Extracurricular opportunities at Martin High School will be open to all STEM Academy students to ensure a rich high school experience that may include sports, fine arts, clubs and organizations.
  • STEM students will participate in service learning volunteer activities each year.
  • The STEM Academy curriculum includes a capstone course and/or internship during the senior year.

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