All Ousley parents are invited to join us during our Parent Teacher Conference Night.

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Florida Gators- November 10-12

Notre Dame- November 10 & 12, December 8

Ducks- November 16 & 30
Cal State- November 17 & December 8
Yale- November 10 & 12
Sooners- November 10 & December 3
Army Team- December 2 & 3
Cornell- November 11 and 12
Wild Cats- November 10, 12 and December 3 ( 7:30-8:30am & 4-6)

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8:30am - 8:45am



Congratulations to Ousley's 2014-2015

Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Healy



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ID Policy

School-Wide Expectations

Intro to Emma Ousley


About the Red Ribbon Campaign

The National Family Partnership organized the first Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. NFP provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Celebration. Since its beginning in 1985, the Red Ribbon has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents and youth in communities across the country began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction cause by drugs in America.



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