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Moving to Outlook

AISD is excited to transition to Outlook for our district email and calendar system.

The district has been working with Microsoft and our Technology Department to make the transition from FirstClass as smooth as possible. This is the expected timeline for our transition:




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What's Included?

You need to share files, with students or staff inside the district and outside it, and you need to do it simply and with confidence. With Office 365 you can share documents efficiently, while still being able to control who can see and edit each file. You can create, edit, and review documents with others in real time, too, which saves time and keeps everything in sync. With this kind of support for collaboration, you can keep projects moving ahead.

For as long as Arlington ISD has used FirstClass, we have used its Conferences tool to communicate to specific groups. Campuses had their own conference, librarians had one, and of course, we used the Green Bag for important district announcements and memos.
Now that we are moving away from FirstClass, we will begin using the Office 365 Groups application built into the Outlook app for the same purposes. Additional features include a shared calendar and file sharing.

Using Outlook within Office 365 will let you access your email, calendars, and contacts at anytime on any device. Your connection to all of this is through a web browser so there's nothing extra to install and all the data is stored in a cloud environment so you don't have to worry about having school data on your personal computer or mobile device.
As part of Office 365, OneDrive for Business lets you work with other teachers and your students online using familiar tools to create, edit, and review documents in real time. No more emailing outdated versions back and forth. Your documents are stored on a secure cloud server (backed by Microsoft) and you control who can see and edit each file. 1 TeraByte (1000 GigaBytes) of space is reserved for each user. That's a lot of files!
Collaborate with other teachers and staff through Yammer. With similar abilities to First Class Conferences but with a familiar graphic interface (think Facebook), Yammer Groups give users the ability to share rich content and files with excellent notification capability. You can choose to receive a daily digest of the posts to all the Yammer Groups to which you are subscribed.
OneNote and OneDrive make it easy to share resources with your entire class or with individual students. And you can keep up on their progress by accessing their notebooks from the front of the classroom or the comfort of your home.
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