Our Mission

The mission of the Arlington ISD Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction Office is to promote the success of ALL students by building the mathematical capacity of administrators, teachers, parents, and support personnel.

Our Vision

We are a service-oriented department that provides professional development, curriculum support, and instructional resources based on the mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). By addressing data-driven needs, the superintendent’s goals, and research-based practices we model and promote collaboration, communication, and reflection among all stakeholders including district personnel, campus personnel, institutions of higher-education, and our community.

All students need a high-quality mathematics program designed to prepare them for college and careers in a technological age. Therefore, the Arlington ISD Mathematics Curriculum Department offers a rigorous and challenging mathematics curriculum for every student. The mathematics program reflects a balance of conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills, and problem solving aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Our Team

Kandi Hunter K-12 Mathematics Coordinator khunter1@aisd.net 682-867-7490
Shan Lindley Elementary Math Specialist slindle2@aisd.net 682-867-4615
Bettina Dixon Elementary Math Specialist bdixon@aisd.net 682-867-7489
Kim Saffold Elementary Math Specialist ksaffold@aisd.net 682-867-7492
Jaye Sanford Secondary Math Specialist jsanford@aisd.net 682-867-7245
Cindy Blair Secondary Math Specialist cblair1@aisd.net 682-867-4621
Crystal Lyons Secondary Math Specialist clyons@aisd.net 682-867-7491


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