Gary Webb


Boys Golf Coach


Class Schedule

Class Period A - Day B - Day


Economics- Room 296

Economics - Room 296


Economics - Room 296

Economics - Room 296





Golf - Off campus

Golf - Off Campus


About me:

This is my 21st year at Lamar. I've taught Government, Geometry, World Geography, and Economics. I've also coached baseball, basketball, and the boys golf team since 2000.

I graduated Texas A&M with a BBA in accounting and went to work for KPMG Dallas. I was moved to coach and teach and left public accounting and received my teaching certification through UTA.


Grading policy:

Completion/participation - count 1 time

Classwork/Quizzes - count 2 times

Exams/major grades - count 4 times

* I do offer attendance and behavior incentives to raise student grades. For some assessments, corrections or retakes can be done to improve a grade. Late work is graded for a max score of 80. After I return assignments to the class, late work will be graded for a max score of 50.


Tutoring times:

Monday - Friday 7:00-7:25

Monday - Friday 12:20 - 1:00 by appointment

** I do miss school for golf tournaments so please check with me in advance to know if I will be in my room.


Lesson Plans:

Daily lesson plans, assignments, and make-up work can be found on Edmodo. Please click on the link to access. Each student has an Edmodo account. Parents, please log in with your student's user name and password. On his/her home page you will see a parent code you can use to create an account. NOTE: this parent code is specific to your student. Do not share this code with another parent! Click on the following link for Edmodo help to set up an account.