Welcome to Ms. Robbins' Classroom

Canvas: Learning Management System

All students have access to Canvas, a learning management system provided by the district. Students should log on to Canvas in order to find announcements, classroom assignments, and the online textbook. Students should log on to Canvas using their AISD username and password. Should students or parents have difficulties with Canvas, please contact the school. 

For additional reminders, subscribe to the appropriate class period using the Remind app. This will send you text message alerts and announcements. 

Class Period


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Ms. Robbins' Schedule


"A" Day

1st period - English I

2nd period - PLC

3rd period - English I

4th period - PAP English I


"B" Day

5th period - PAP English I

6th period - English I

7th period - Conference

8th period - PAP English I

Contact Information

Lamar High School

1400 W. Lamar Blvd. 

Arlington, TX 76012

(682) 867-8300

The Lamar High School Main Line should be used in lieu of being connected to the classroom extension in order to prevent disrupting the learning environment.

Erin Robbins

Phone: (682) 867-8371

This is my direct classroom extension. Please only use this line before 7:35 a.m. and after 2:50 p.m.

Email: erobbins@aisd.net

Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Grading Policy

In an effort to better serve the needs of students and to monitor student progress carefully, the grading policy has been adapted to reflect a mastery based grading system. The details of this system are outlined below:

How Grades Will Work

Every six weeks, we will have Foundation Activities as well as Standards Assessments in the areas of reading and writing.  We will, also, have a grade for Organization and for our Reflective Work.  All of these grades will be weighted the same. 

Now for the fun part! 

The Foundation Activities grade will be based on several activities we complete in class and for homework.  These will not be graded for accuracy, but will allow you to feel free to try new things and stumble along the way without fear of hurting your GPA.  These will be “tracked” in TEAMS, so that you and your parents can see if you’re missing anything in Self Serve.  You will know if an assignment in TEAMS is a Foundation Activity, because it will begin with “FA”.  Should you fail to turn in an assignment, you will receive an INC (incomplete) for your grade, and I will contact your parent to discuss your progress.  If the INC is not resolved, it will be treated as a failing grade and you will become ineligible from all UIL activities. 

The Standards Assessments will occur at the end of the 3rd and 6th week of each grading period.  These will test your mastery of the standards practiced/learned in the Foundation Activities.  Just because it’s called an assessment doesn’t mean it will be a multiple choice test!  You will know if you are working on an assessment in class.  I’ll let you know when they are. 

The Organization grade will be a binder check that will occur at the end of each grading period.  We will set up our binders the second week of school.

The Reflective Work grade will be based on participation in writing and discussion activities that we do at the beginning of each class.  Each student is required to share a minimum of one time each six weeks.

All (students & parents) are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the TEAMS Self Serve, which gives you “real time” access to your records.  Using this system to stay on top of your day-to-day information, including notes from teachers, will be so helpful to you. 

             Students, you may check your grades HERE.

             Parents, check your students grades HERE.