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                              Tammy Raglin

                           American Sign Language

                               Levels 1, 2, 3



Class Information

Grades will be based on the following:

Projects/Tests are 40%. These are major assessments of the students’ ability to process and comprehend ASL.

Presentations are 30%.  These are the students’ ability to apply their skills in the target language.

Class/Homework is 15%. This is an opportunity for the students to practice what is taught in class without serious consequence.

Quizzes are 15%. This is a condensed form of measuring the students’ progress. It should highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Tutoring times are reserved by the student. The best times are before school at 7 o'clock or during my scheduled lunch times. 

Assignments, notes, videos and other resources will be found on the Canvas site.


1st 7:35 – 9:06 ASL I

2nd 9:12 – 10:49 ASL II

3rd 10:55 – 11:36 Conference

Lunch 11:42 – 1:13 Blue

4th 1:19 – 2:50 ASL III

5th 7:35 – 9:06 ASL II

6th 9:12 – 10:49 Conference

7th 10:55 – 12:26 ASL I

Lunch 12:32 – 1:13 Gold

8th 1:19 – 2:50 ASL III


Late Work: Will be accepted with a 10 point per school day deduction. After 5 days, the student will have a 0.

Makeup Days: Wednesday and Thursday before the 6-week exam are to make-up assignments missed in class. I'm available after school, 3-4:00.

Extra Credit: Opportunities to earn additional credit will be posted through the year.  

Test Retake: A student must request to retake a test. The highest possible grade is an 85. Retakes must be completed prior to the 6-week grading period.

Participation: This is a daily grade, and is effected by the student's ability to stay in the target language and follow class rules.   

Class Expectation!

“NO VOICE” Policy

No voice policy is a standard policy in ASL instruction. ASL is taught entirely in classes with a firm “no voice” policy. From the time you arrive in class, all conversation should be in ASL until you leave at the end of class. The classroom is a speech free zone for two major reasons: learning environment and cultural respect. Not only is it a classroom policy, it is also a cultural norm and custom in visual (sighted) world. Learning a language is not without learning its culture; they are inseparable.