Ms. Przeworski


Katherine Przeworski

Pre-AP Biology, IB Biology I & II

Welcome, parents!

I require all of my students to join one of my class groups on Edmodo.  Please use the FAQ below or e-mail me at with any questions.

Freshman parents: I highly recommend signing up for a parent account. This will allow you to see everything your child sees when logged into Edmodo.


2015-16 Edmodo student codes:

Pre-AP Biology – 4k7m6t

IB Biology I – 7rn9ww

IB Biology II – See instructor


What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is website that allows teachers and students to easily collaborate and communicate online. It looks similar to Facebook, but is solely for academic purposes.

How will my child use Edmodo in biology?

Learning objectives and class agendas (including homework) are posted daily. Students can use this information to help get caught up after missing school, or to make sure they’ve completed everything due next class. All notes taken in class (and any additional documents necessary) are made available in the class folder after each B day so that students can get missed notes or review images and videos. Finally, announcements are made before all tests and projects are due. Students can set up e-mail or text alerts for these announcements if they so choose. IB students will also be required to submit short assignments via Edmodo from time to time.

How does my child gain access to his or her biology class on Edmodo?

Many students come to Lamar with existing Edmodo accounts. These students simply need to enter a unique class code to join (this works for any class/teacher). Students without an account must first create one then join using the code provided. Freshmen and Juniors will be given time in class during the first weeks of school to complete this process.

Is my child’s privacy protected when using Edmodo?

Class pages on Edmodo are visible only to approved users logged in to their accounts. Posts made to the class wall are visible to both teacher and classmates.  Direct messages to the teacher are not shared with classmates. Teachers do not have access to student or parent login information.

How can I access the information being shared by my child’s teachers on Edmodo?

Each student has a unique parent code. In order to link your child’s account to your own, you must first create an account using whatever login information you'd like. Next, access and enter your child’s parent code (see video below). Multiple children may be added to a single parent account. You’ll now be able to access all of the information your child sees when logged in to Edmodo. You may also set up e-mail or text alerts if desired.

There are a number of parent account tutorials available on YouTube, but I believe the video below does a good job covering the basics.