Class Information

Pre-AP Chemistry Room 245

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Test = 60%

Assignments/Quizzes = 40%

Quizzes count twice as much as a regular assignment. 

Tutorial Hours

Everyday after school till 4:00. I will leave for the day if no one comes by 3:15. 

Please let me know if you will come late after 3:15 for tutorials.

If you want to come in during lunch, please get a lunch pass from me beforehand.

Security guards WILL NEED TO SEE A PASS to let you come to my class during lunch. 


Class Schedule

Period Time A day B day
1st/5th  7:35-9:06 Pre-AP Chemistry Pre-AP Chemistry
2nd/6th 9:12-10:49 AP/IB Chemistry Pre-AP Chemistry
3rd/7th 11:42-1:13 PLC Conference
4th/8th 1:19-2:50 Pre-AP Chemistry Pre-AP Chemistry