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Special Education Co-Teacher - Social Studies

email me at: ckelly@aisd.net

Class Schedule

A day
Period 1 World Geography (Co-Teach with Phillip Sneed)  272
Period 2 World Geography (Co-Teach with Brian Burkham) 269

Period 3



Period 4 US History (Co-Teach with Scott Crawford 292

B day

Period 5 PLC 286
Period 6 World  History (Co-Teach with Sandra Geil) 275

Period 7

US History (Co-Teach with Scott Crawford) 292

Period 8

World History (Co-Teach with Sandra Geil) 275


I serve as the Special Education Co-teacher for the Social Studies department.  A Co-teaching section consists of two teachers operating together in the same classroom to more effectively work with a diverse group of students.  The General Education teacher and the Special Education teacher plan instruction, provide instruction, monitor student progress together, and communicate with the parents on an individual need basis at our discretion.  We are a team who together have the best interests of our students in mind in order to help them achieve successful mastery of the course and receive the necessary credit for the course applicable to their high school diploma.