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Business Executive Internship and Business Practicum


Class Schedule

A day
Period 1 Business Practicum Room #211
Period 2 Business Executive Internship Room #211

Period 3

Business Executive Internship

Room #211

Period 4 PLC Room #282

B day

Period 5 Conference Room #211
Period 6 Business Executive Internship Room #211

Period 7

Business Executive Internship

Room #211

Period 8


Tutorials by appointment

Business Practicum

This course prepares students for careers in business occupations through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training of at least 15 hours per week in area businesses. Classroom instruction will incorporate general office procedures as well as college and career readiness.  This course spans the entire school year.

Grading Policy

Daily 30%
Employer Evaluation 40%
Test 20%
Leadership / Participation 10%






The Weekly Training  Report, whiich counts as a daily grade, is due the first day we are in class after the last day of the week.  These weekly reports are used to determine the hours worked and wages earned during the each six weeks.


Business Executive Internship

Students will have opportunities for first-hand experience in the aras of problem solving, decision making, organizational planning, business ethics, job search, and customer service through associations with local corporate businesses.  Interns participate in observation, shadowing, and hands-on functions for two class periods during their school day.  Through this program the students will gain awareness and insight into the porfessional world and will have a better understanding of the role of management in the free enterprise system.


Grading Policy

Intern Sponsor Evaluation   40%
Daily   30%
Test   20%
Leadership/Participation   10%

When we intern in a business we keep a daily log.  These logs are due the first day we are in class after the last day of the week.  These logs count as a daily grade for each week.

Class Rules

Follow all rules in the student code of conduct

Do not abuse or deface school facilities or equipment

Use business language

Show respect for each other and me

Follow my directions


Consequences:  Verbal Warning

                                Deduction from citizenship

                                Conference with student

                                 Parents will be notified after the second offense

                                 Conference with administrator

                                 Removal from class