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2014 - 2015  Algebra 1

This is a "flipped" class -- students are responsible for taking their notes at home, and we practice problems during class time. Videos are posted on our class blog at www.kidblog.org/lamaralgebra1. There is no login required. If the site is down for any reason, go to youtube to search for Mrs. Pearce's channel(Chelsea Pearce Channel) and the video number assigned.

Grading Rules

  • 50% Test Average
  • 30% Quiz Average
  • 20%  Homework/Classwork/Participation  

Tutoring Times

Day of Week  Room Number Teacher(s)
Monday 2012 Ms. Nguyen and/or Mrs. Gregg
Tuesday 2117 Mr. Hill
Wednesday 1112 Mrs. Gregg and/or Mrs. Pearce
Thursday 1112 Mrs. Pearce
Friday 2018 Ms.Nguyen and/or Mr. Hill






2014-2015 Schedule

Room 2117

1st 2nd  3rd  4th 5th  6th  7th  8th 
7:35 - 9:05 9:11 - 10:41 10:47-1:09 1:15-2:45 7:35 - 9:05 9:12 - 10:41 10:47 - 1:09 1:15-2:45


Algebra 1


Algebra 1


Algebra 1


Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Aglebra 1



Algebra 1



Homework, Classwork, and Quiz Policy

Homework is mandatory and will be graded daily.  Students are required to take notes in cornel style of the videos posted on class blog (www.kidblog.org/lamaralgebra1). NO Work, NO Credit, NO Kidding! Cheating will result in an automatic zero with no chance to redo!

Classwork assignments/practice will be completed during class using the cornell notes taken at home as a reference.  Cheating will result in an automatic zero with no chance to redo!

Quizzes are timed and not necessarily announced. To prepare, review materials on a daily basis. 

The best way to be successful in my class is to attend regularly, complete homework assignments consistently, and participate in class. Students are responsible for their grades, but I will do all in my power to give them the tools they need to be successful.


Make-up Work

If a student is absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to turn in a summary of the video assigned and make arrangements for any tests or quizzes missed.  The student will have as many days as he was absent to make up the work. 

The following items should be brought every time:

  • Pencil
  • Cornell notes from video with summary, questions, notes, and vocabulary completed.