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World Geography

Ms. Kayce Hackney


Room 2017

Phone Ext: 76961




1st - PLC

2nd - World Geography

3rd - World Geography

4th - World Geography 

5th - Conference

6th - World Geography

7th - World Geography

8th - World Geography

Grading Policy:

Classwork - 50%, Quizzes - 30%, Tests - 20%



My class website is on EDMODO. It is an educational website that I can post assignments, reminders, and lessons to. Students in turn can ask me questions they may have over HW out of school hours. Parents and guardians can also log into their students account to make sure they're up to date on work.

The link is as follows: https://aisd.edmodo.com/home#/group?id=10213269 



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns with your students!