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Co-teacher English II & III                                                  Tutoring Availability

rfenner@aisd.net                                   A Days: Blue Lunch Coach McKinney's Room

(682) 867-8300                                        B Days: Gold Lunch Mrs. Souder's Room


For syllabus information, lesson objectives, assignments, or any other information pertinent to your class, please, click on your class period.

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

7th Period

8th Period



A Day:

1st 7:35-9:09: PLC

2nd 9:15-10:45: Coteach English II with Coach McKinney 

Blue Lunch 10:45-11:33 

3rd 11:39-1:09 Coteach English II with Coach McKinney

4th 1:15-2:45: Coteach English III with Mrs. Wicks

B Day: 

5th 7:35-9:09: PLC

6th   9:15-10:45: Coteach English II with Coach McKinney 

7th 10:51-12:21: Coteach English III with Mrs. Souder 

Gold Lunch 12:21-1:09

8th 1:15-2:45: Coteach English III with Mrs. Souder 


 English Department Grading Scale:


Participation: 5%

Daily 35%

Quizzes 20%

Tests: 40%

My Mission:

The goal of my English classes is to help all students be successful and reach their post secondary goals whether that is going directly into the job field or to continue to post secondary education. I have a passion for learning and believe that a good grasp on reading and writing is able to open doors previously not available as well as there is no more a powerful tool than being a curious learner.