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JV Blue Girl's Soccer

Girl's Track




Class rules:  Students will report to the coach at the beginning of class for attendance.  Class will be dismissed to suit out in the locker room and will be expected to return to the gym within 10 minutes. Students will then have a warm-up activity which may consist of exercises or a walking/running activity on the track or in the gym.  After the warm-up and cardio activity students will play a game or have another, more intense work-out.  Students will not be allowed to use their cell phones except when walking on the track or in the gym.  Students will be dismissed to get dressed into their school clothes at the end of the period.

Suiting out consists of a t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, athletic shoes, and socks.

Grading policy:  Suiting out -30 points daily

                             Participation-70 points daily

                             Semester exam will be 1/7th of the semester average


Class Schedule

A day B day
Period 1 Soccer Practice Field
Period 2 Aerobics Gym C

Period 3


Office in Girl's lcoker room

Period 4 JV Soccer Cravens Field
Period 5 Soccer

Practice Field

Period 6 Aerobics/Individual Sports Gym C

Period 7

Team Sports

Gym B

Period 8

Conference Office/ Girl's locker room