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Biology, IPC, and Environmental Systems Co-Teacher

Lamar High School




Hello, and welcome to my page in the Lamar Portal.

I serve as a Special Education teacher and have been instructing for 13 years at Lamar High School. Currently, I am the co-teacher for IPC, Biology, and Environmental Systems. A co-teaching class consists of two certified teachers operating together in the same classroom, to more effectively work with a heterogeneous group of students.  Together the teacher and co-teacher plan for instruction, provide the instruction, assess and evaluate student progress, and lastly-communicate with the parents.  We are a team-or as I like to refer as "the dynamic duo"- who jointly have the best interests of our students in mind in order to help them achieve academic excellence, as well as to help them become successful adults in the community.

I co-teach Biology 3rd period on "A" Days with Mrs. Valdaz and with Mrs. Bishop 5th and 6th period on "B " days.   The class learning targets, lessons and assignments along with the class grading policy can be found on Mrs. Valdez and Mrs. Bishop's LHS portal page.

Additionally, I co-teach IPC with Mr. Khoshroo 1st period on "A" days and 8th period on "B" days in addition to Environmental Sytstem with Ms. Fellers 2nd period on "A" Days.  Their class lessons and assignments along with any additional information can be found on each of  their  LHS portal page.

To access the co-teacher web page clink on the teacher's name on my class schedule below. It will link you directly to that teacher's portal page.

The expectation of all my classes is LEARN, which aligns with the LHS Guidelines to Success or PRIDE

LListen and Follow Directions                                                                P:  Prepared

E:  Enter and Exit Prepared                                                                      R: Respect

A:  Always Do Your Best                                                                           I:  Integrity

R:  Respect Every Person and Property                                                   D: Determination

N:  Never Give Up On Learning                                                                 E:  Encouragement

I am available for tutoring in the morning starting at 6:25 AM, during lunch, and after school by appointment. My office is located in the teacher workroom, Room 280.

If you have any questions please, do not hesitate to contact me at (682) 867-8399 or by institution email at rduwaji@aisd.net.

I look forward to an outstanding year with my students. VFND!


Class Schedule

A day
Period 1

IPC withMr. Khoshroo

Room 221
Period 2 Environmental Systems with Ms. Fellers Room 247

Period 3

Co-Teach Biology with Ms. Valdez

 Room 239

Period 4


Room 280

B day

Period 5 Co-Teach Biology with Mrs. Bishop Room 220
Period 6

Co-Teach Biology with Mrs. Bishop

Room 280

Period 7

Professional Learning Community


Period 8

Co- teach IPC with Mr. Khoshoroo

Room 221