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Paula Chestnut - French 1 & 2

Email: pchestnu@aisd.net

Phone: 682-867-6984

Room 1024

Tutoring: Lunch - 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (see me for a pass) or after school by appointment.

Day A Day B
1st Period: French 1                                 5th Period: French 1
2nd Period: French 1 6th Period: Conf. 
3rd Period: PLC 7th Period: French 2
4th Period: French 2 8th Period: French 1

Grading Policy

Each student will be given a proficiency-based assessment at the end of each module. It will be a combination of reading, writing, listening, and speaking assessments.  

10% - Homework

10% - Daily Class Assignments

20% - Quizzes

30% - Projects

30% - Module Assessments