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Career Prep/ Workplace Introduction/ Job Coaching

Class Schedule

A day B day
Period 1 Community Transition Room 263
Period 2 Workplace Practicum 263/0ff campus

Period 3

Workplace Practicum

 263/ orOff Campus

Period 4 OJT 263
Period 5 Interpersonal Skills 263
Period 6 Community Transition / Career Prep  2 N/A

Period 7


Room 263

Period 8


The Vocational Adjustment  Program is an IEP driven curriculum. Each student has individual goals developed. This curriculum involves functional academics and work-related components. Students in this program acquire information and training on social adjustment, attitudes, and skills required for a life in work and independence. Freshman emphasis is social adjustment, organization and functional academic skills. Sophomores continue with those components as well as job shadowing. Juniors and seniors prepare a resume, apply and interview for competitive employment. The Career Prep students are maintaining independent employment. The general TEK component is 127.3. 

PreVoc and VAC students call Mrs. Chamberlain when absent. The parent calls the school. Mrs . Chamberlain evaluates students in volunteer or competitive employment to assure training when needed and/or vocational success. Homework suggestions are given at open house night and at parent conferences. Lesson plans vary in each class, sometimes with each student, to accommodate different IEP goals and student need. 

Grades are averaged with no extra weight on evaluations. Following directions, initiations and responsibility are considerations in grading. 

Mrs. Chamberlain can be reached at echamber@aisd.net or  at 682-867-7077. 

Classroom rules

Be nice, share, ask

Be willing/ Focus

Follow directions

Bring notebook, pencil

Keep papers

Call when absent