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Schedule and Contact Information

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Class Schedule 

A day
Period 1 English I Room 2106
Period 2 English I Room 2106

Period 3

English I

Room 2106

Period 4 PLC period Room 2106

B day

Period 5 Conference Room 2106
Period 6 English I Room 2106
Period 7
English I

Room 2106

Period 8

English I Room 2106



English I Year at a Glance:

First Semester


1st Six Weeks Big Idea:

The Hero’s Journey


Genre Focus:  Epic and Myth

Resource: Texas Treasures, and Mythology, Heroes, Gods and Monsters, or Myths and Folklore


Writing Focus:

Literary Text (story)—process



(Class Periods: 12 A/11 B)


2nd Six Weeks Big Idea:

Strength from Within


Genre Focus: Literary Nonfiction

Resource: Farewell to Manzanar, Texas Treasures



Writing Focus:

Expository Text—process



 (Class Periods: 14 A/ 15 B)—CA


3rd Six Weeks Big Idea:

The Power of Love


Genre Focus: Drama

Resource: Texas Treasures,

Romeo and Juliet



Writing Focus:

Expository Text—timed or process

Literary Text (script)—timed or process


(Class Periods: 13 + exam A, 12 + exam B)—CA

Second Semester

4th Six Weeks Big Idea:

Going Against the Flow


Genre Focus:  Novel and related short stories

Resource: To Kill a Mockingbird, Texas Treasures


Writing Focus:

Expository Text—timed

Literary Text—timed



(Class Periods: 16 A/16 B)—CA

5th Six Weeks Big Idea:

Going Against the Flow


Genre Focus:  Novel and related expository pieces

Resource: To Kill a Mockingbird, Texas Treasures


Writing Focus:

Expository (begin Research Project)



(Class Periods: 17 A/17 B)

6th Six Weeks Big Idea:

Looking at the Lives Around Us


Genre Focus:  Nonfiction

Resource: Texas Treasures



Writing Focus:

Expository Text (continue Research Project, if necessary)

Persuasive Text (introductory)


(Class Periods: 15 + exam A, 15 + exam B)

Online Textbook:

Click the link below and follow the steps to set up your ConnectEd textbook account.

1. http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

2. Select "Create a new account"

3. Enter redemption code NX1W-YJEO-PQHQ then click "register"

4. Enter your first name and last initial then click "finish"

5. Write down your user name and password


If you already have a ConnectEd account, then follow the steps to add new content.

1. http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

2. Enter your user name and password

3. Click the "add" button to add new content to your ConnectEd book bag.

4. Enter the redemption code NX1W-YJEO-PQHQ to access Texas Treasures, Course 4 Student Edition



2014-15 Guidelines


·         Rules of behavior










  • Consequences






  • Supplies













  • Absences, Makeup & late work policy

















  • Grading Policy









  • My Tutoring:




  • Late Night Lamar Tutoring




  • Contact  me:







  • Textbook Policy






  • Parent Self-Serve


§   Follow all A.I.S.D and school rules (read all of the Code of Conduct especially the tardy policy, dress code, attendance policy, and cell phone policy).

§   Follow all directions the first time given and stay on task.

§   Be in your seat before the tardy bell begins to ring.

§   When the bell rings to leave, stay in your seat until you are dismissed. The bell does not dismiss you.

§   Respect others (students and teacher) by the way you speak to others and waiting to be recognized before speaking.

§   Respect and maintain school property and personal property of others (teacher and other students).


1st         student-teacher conference (-3 pts. on citizenship grade)

2nd        additional written assignment/D-hall and parent contact. (-3 additional points on citizenship grade)

3rd        office referral

If a student chooses to behave poorly for a substitute, he/she will receive a referral for failure to comply.



  PLEASE:    We need lots of tissue, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels!!!


White, wide-ruled, loose-leaf paper (NOT college ruled, and

NO spiral notebook paper)

2 boxes of Kleenex                    Folder with brads and pockets                   

3x5 index cards                          4x6 index cards

Highlighters                               Black or blue pens

Red pen for grading                    Three ring binder (for all your classes)

Mechanical pencils                       Paper Towels

Flash Drive with small memory for documents only 256k. (Optional but extremely useful throughout most classes in high school.)



Any time a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to pick up the make-up work; this is hanging on the wall to the left of the door.  Any questions about the make-up work should be discussed before or after class or during class while other students are working individually. 


The student will be allowed one day for each day absent, according to A.I.S.D. policy.  For example, if you return to class on Monday, you will have until Wednesday to complete and hand in your work.


NOTE:  Students absent prior to a previously announced test or quiz will be expected to take the test unless new material was covered on the day(s) of the absence(s).  Students who are absent on the day that an essay or project is due should arrange for the essay or project to be brought to the teacher by 4:00 P.M. on the due date.


Assignments are due when students enter the classroom.  If the work is turned in after such time, the grade starts at a 70.  Students may turn in completed late work for a credit of 50 until the Thursday before progress reports and two Thursdays before the end of the six weeks.


Grading:  This is the general breakdown of grading, but it may change according to the size of the paper/project and time given to do the assignment.

           20%     Classwork/ Homework

              30%     Quiz grades will count two times.                        

             50%     Test/projects/long-term assignments will count three times. Some projects may count more, depending on size and time given to complete.


I will be available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Wednesday of each week from 7:00 to 7:30.  English and math tutoring will be held in the library on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Lamar offers FREE tutoring for English and math on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library at the following times:

English 3 to 5

Math  5 to 8


If you need to contact me, please call the counselor’s office and leave a message at 682-867-8310.  I may not be able to return your call until the next day, since I am teaching and cannot return phone calls as quickly as I would like.  It would be quicker to email me at: dcampbe2@aisd.net, and I can respond during the day much more quickly.                            


You may request a book checked out in your name.  You are responsible for this book, and it will need to be returned at the end of each semester.  If your book is lost or you choose not to return it, your name will placed on a fine list and you will not be able to register for the next semester until this is taken care of.


The TEAMS students system includes a module called Parent Self-Serve. This feature allows parents to register to view grades and attendance information pertaining to your child(ren). If a parent’s contact information is entered consistently, the parent will be able to use one user ID and one password to view each of their students enrolled in the AISD. 

This system requires you to register online.  Once you have registered, bring the verification page and your photo ID to the main office at Lamar.  This will complete the registration process and your student’s portal will be opened.
In addition to the Parent Self-Serve, TEAMS also has Student Self-Serve.  This allows students to register for their own account. This will enable them to see their attendance and grades. 

Click on the Parent Self-Serve located on the tab bar at the top of this webpage to begin registration or Student Self-Serve located on the grey tab bar at the left of this webpage to begin registration.     http://www.aisd.net/lamar/




I am so very excited to have you in my class this year!  The above guidelines are to help us maintain order and understanding the expectations in the classroom. I hope to provide for you a wonderful year at Lamar High School.  If we all work together, we can be very productive and hopefully, you will leave this year with better skills to help you in your future.   Learning is your responsibility.  Teaching is my responsibility.




Mrs. Campbell/Mrs. Green

January 7 & 8 Classes - Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The "Semester Review" document and the "My Choices" documents are due when you return to class Friday or Monday. Please remember to bring your notebook and supplies for class. =)

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