Deborah Blackner, PhD

Marketing Education at The Class in The Parks

Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Marketing Work Experience,

While I am assigned to the Lamar High School campus, my office and my classroom are located in The Parks at Arlington mall.  The classroom is known as The Class in The Parks and is located on the upper level of the mall, near Sears and behind Spirit Threads, which serves as the learning laboratory for our classroom. My students are juniors and seniors from all six Arlington ISD high school campuses.


On B-days I teach all four periods, and on A-days I have conference, job visits and a program coordination period.  Please visit The Class in The Parks website at for detailed information about all how the program got started, the instructors and our educational backgrounds, the classes we teach, our student organization, enrollment and the application process to become a student with us.



I use Google Classroom in every class. All daily and extended learning targets, daily and extended assignments, and links to class materials are available there. Google Classroom is available on the web, as well as through an app on both the Apple & Android platforms.  Your student can complete work anywhere!  


If you'd like to stay in the loop about assignments, please ask your student for their login information. You can then see what we're doing each day, as well as grades your student has received and what work is missing.


I also update gradebooks at least every other day. I insert notes if assignments are missing. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or give me a call.


Class Schedule

A day
Period 1 Conference Parks Mall
Period 2 Program Coordination Parks Mall

Period 3

Student On the Job Training Visits

Parks Mall 

Period 4 Store Coordination Parks Mall

B day

Period 5 Sports & Entertainment Marketing Parks Mall
Period 6

Marketing Work Experience

Parks Mall

Period 7


Parks Mall 

Period 8

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Parks Mall