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Latin I

This introductory course in Latin pronunciation, grammatical structures, vocabulary, and syntax acquaints the student with an understanding of Roman culture as it affects current civilization. Emphasis is placed on reading and writing Latin and improving English vocabulary through a study of Latin root words.

Grade Placement:9-12

This course is worth 1 credit.

Latin II

This course continues the study of grammatical structures, gives the student opportunity to practice written Latin expression, and offers a study of the classics with particular emphasis on translating Julius Caesar's Commentaries and stories from mythology.

Grade Placement:9-12
Prerequisites:Latin I

This course is worth 1 credit.

Pre-Advanced Placement Latin III

This course begins with a review of grammar rules, syntax and forms. Readings from such Latin authors as Cicero, Livy, Horace, Ovid, Martial, and Pliny are studied. Aspects of Roman culture and history are reinforced through the reading selections.

Grade Placement:10-12
Prerequisites:Latin II

This course is worth 1 credit.

Advanced Placement Latin

This college-level course gives explicit attention to developing skills for reading, translating, and analyzing Latin texts, as well as to demonstrate contextual knowledge, making connections to other disciplines and comparisons between Latin and English usages. Using Vergil and Caesar as a base, the course helps students reach beyond translation to read with critical, historical, and literary sensitivity. This course prepares students for the AP Latin Exam.

Grade Placement:11-12
Prerequisites:Latin III

This course is worth 1 credit.

Latin V - Roman Civilization & Literature

This course covers ancient Roman civilization through the development of a timeline of ancient Roman authors, the translation of ancient Roman text, the study of ancient Roman authors in translation, the reading of biographies of ancient Romans, and the analysis of novels and films set in ancient Rome.

Grade Placement:11-12
Prerequisites:Pre-AP Latin III and/or AP Latin

This course is worth 1 credit.


Dailey, Kathiann Grace 
Teaches: Latin I-IV

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