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American Sign Language

American Sign Language I


This course introduces communication skills in American Sign Language, including both receptive and expressive signing, as well as interactive communication. This course explores history of the language and the culture of Deaf people.

Grade Placement:9-12

This course is worth 1 credit.

American Sign Language II


The communication skills acquired in Level I are extended to include distinguishing between variations in signs and nonmanual communication. More in-depth study of Deaf culture will be explored. Students will be provided opportunities to express and receive signed information in a variety of situations.

Grade Placement:10-12
Prerequisites:ASL I

This course is worth 1 credit.

American Sign Language III


This course is conducted in ASL and emphasizes sign fluency. It offers further study of vocabulary, grammar, as well as Deaf history and culture. Expressive and receptive skills will be developed. Non-manual markers and the use of classifiers will be stressed.

Grade Placement:11-12
Prerequisites:ASL II

This course is worth 1 credit.


Romo, Nelson

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