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Human Services

Introduction to Human Services

Student will apply the results of self-assessment and career information as they investigate careers in the human services, education, and hospitality career clusters. Through a wide variety of laboratory activities and projects specific to the various clusters, student will gain an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills essential for success in high-skill, high-wage, or high –demand human services careers.

Grade Placement: 9-12


Interpersonal Relationships

Students will examine the role of relationships and their impact on the lives of individuals and groups. Relationships in families and with others are examined, including factors relating to dating and marital success, quality family development, and the family life cycle with a specific emphasis on stress management and types of crisis situations. Students will analyze how to manage the multiple roles of family member, community member, and wage-earner.

Grade Placement: 10 - 12
Prerequisites: None

This course is worth 1/2 credit.


Vadner, Brenda
Teaches: Interpersonal Relationships

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