Welcome to Mrs. Lowery's website

Welcome to Mrs. Lowery's website.

Concepts of Health Care

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1st Period - Concepts of Health

3rd Period - Concepts of Health

4th Period - Concepts of Health

5th Period - Concepts of Health

7th Period - Concepts of Health

8th Period - Concepts of Health

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Concepts of Health Care Syllabus

Concepts of Health Care

Course Syllabus

This course is designed for the student who is interested in health-related careers. The course focuses onhealthcare as an industry, medical terminology, ethics, communication, clinical skills, human anatomy and physiology, CPR and First Aid. This course is a prerequisite for Clinical Rotations.

Instructor Information

Instructor:Mrs. Julia Lowery Phone:682-867-8300


Conference: 2nd/6th Period9:12 to 10:49 am 

I will also be available in my room before school and after school by appointment.

Grading System

Daily Work 20%

Quizzes and Group Projects 30% 

Test and Individual Projects 50%

Academic Honesty

It is expected students use genuine and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, tasks, and projects (use your own mind). Students found plagiarizing, copying or cheating will receive a zero and parents and counselor will be notified.Repeated offenses will result in an Office Referral.

Supplies Needed Daily

  • Notebook to neatly retain all work assigned/returned
  • Notebook paper (at least 10 sheets)
  • Sharpened pencil
  • Black ink pen for classwork – no other color will be accepted – all work must be legible or will receive a grade of zero
  • Red pen for grading
  • 2 boxes of tissues for projects – Do not bring to school until project is assigned. (One fall/one spring)

.Computer Use

Students will use their assigned laptop, complete virus scan at log-in and scan flash drives before use. You may not use your smart phone unless assigned for a class activity and then use may only be according to www.bit.ly/AISDBYOT. Keep phone out of sight and silenced until called upon for class use. A 30-pt deduction will result on the assignment if student is on a website other than the site(s) assigned. Check LHS library afterschool hours or public library if you do not have access to a home computer. If phones are visible during a test it is considered cheating and a score zero will be recorded for that student’s test score.

Handing in Assignments

All work assigned during class is due at the end of class unless noted in directions. Homework is collected when tardy bell rings.Work with no name will receive a 10-point deduction if the paper is claimed before the end of the six weeks grading period. Late work earns the maximum grade of 70 points.

Absences/Make-up Work & Tests

Check Canvas online class calendar for missed assignments or check with a classmate to view their class calendar. See me after the lesson is presented or schedule a meeting before/after school or at lunch if additional information is needed. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed work and schedule missed quiz/test the first day back to class. Failure to complete within the district’s allowed make-up period will result in a zero. Obtain assignments prior to the date of the absence for school approved events.

Restroom Passes

You are expected to take care of your personal needs between classes.You are required to follow LHS restroom policy (sign out, leave your phone, max 5 minutes away from class) and have your ID and restroom pass before leaving the classroom. Passes cannot be used during the first or last fifteen minutes of class (LHS rule). Only one student may leave the room at a time.Please do not ask to use the restroom, get a drink, or run an errand before class begins; go before coming to class/return before the bell rings otherwise, you will be counted at tardy.

Class Code of Conduct

  • Be Polite - Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward all students, teachers, (including substitutes), and guests at all times. Insubordination, hateful/inappropriate comments concerning race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, appearance, etc. will not be tolerated; this includes "joking" comments.As a courtesy to all, raise your hand before speaking during lessons.
  • Be Prepared - Have everything you need ready before class begins; this includes visiting the restroom prior to the tardy bell.Visibly wear your student ID.Have all classroom supplies upon arrival.
  • Be PunctualBe seated when the bell rings. You are tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell stops ringing.Remember 3 tardy = 1 unexcused absence.Turn in assignments when they are due.
  • Be Positive Whining and complaining are not constructive or acceptable.Everyone has difficult days, but attitude is a choice.I expect you to make the right choice
  • Be Productive – Follow directions first time given.Actively participate in class activities.Your best effort is expected at all times. Seek excellence! Time spent on any activity other than class related work is not permitted.Examples: head down on desk, sleeping in class, not on assigned website/online activity, sleeping in class, grooming, completing homework for another class.