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Welcome to Mrs. Clarke's Portal
I am located in room 2112 and can be reached at 682-867-7097 after 2:45 pm.
Feel free to email me anytime at sclarke@aisd.net
A Day
1st: PAP Eng I
2nd: PAP Eng I
3rd: PAP Eng I
4th: PLC
B Day
5th: Conference
6th: PAP Eng I
7th: PAP Eng I
8th: PAP Eng I
Please visit my interactive classroom website at  www.edmodo.com for any objectives, assignments, documents, notes, slideshows and all other class related information.
Student codes:
1st Period: tk7jgz
2nd Period: bsn4xh
3rd Period: 88pcin
6th Period: sj9csa
7th Period: 9fyut8
8th Period: zx5m8b
Your Lamar High School student has a unique parent code assigned to him/her. Please ask the student for the code. This code will give you access to all of your student's Edmodo websites, not just mine. If you need help locating the code, please contact me at sclarke@aisd.net.