Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be contacted by the Arlington ISD after my application is submitted? What is the status of my application?

  • Applications are entered in the district's database. Human Resources does not conduct central office interviews. Interviews are conducted at the campus level. The administrator exercises his/her discretion in determining which applicants to contact. The database is large. We try to interview as many applicants as possible; however, not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are contingent upon vacancies and need.

I don’t know/ remember my login information. What do I do?

There is a way to retrieve both your username AND your password:

  • Please visit this page:
  • There will be a message that states “If you do not remember your user ID and password, click here”.
  • You will be able to enter in the last four digits of your social security number, your date of birth, and your last name.  From there, you will receive your username and an option to update your password.
  • After you have updated your password, please return to the Welcome page (  This will ensure that your password has been updated. 

The “username” space was blank when I was given the option to update my password. What does this mean?

The application will not allow me to copy and paste responses for the short-answer additional questions section. What do I do?

  • If a response is copied and pasted, an error message will appear. This is due to the 500 character limit for each question. Please manually type in your response so that the question can be saved and marked complete.


Can I email or fax my resume, copy of certification and copy of transcripts?

  • No. We are not able to upload attachments to your online application. In order for administrators to review your application for open positions you must attach your documents.
  • Issues attaching documents? Please enter a help request so that we can assist you:

I received a message stating all required attachments have not been met and cannot submit.

  • Certain attachments are required for each role in our application system. Please refer to your “attachments” page in the application to review the list of required attachments for the roles applied for-this is located at the top of the page (i.e. High School diploma, TEA certification/program letter, Resume, transcripts, etc)
  • Please make sure to select the right attachment “type” for each file uploaded. For example, if a Teacher certificate is uploaded as a “Professional License” type, then the TEA certification/program letter requirement has not been satisfied. You would need to attach as a “TEA certification/program letter” type.

I don’t have a way to upload one of more of the required attachments. Can I submit without satisfying these requirements?

  • The application system will not allow you to submit until all required attachment types are provided. It is highly recommended that you try your best to upload the documents required, so that the application can be completed. You can always return later to your application in order to provide better copies at a later time, and we can accept readable pictures of documents (for application purposes) if a PDF is not obtainable. 

I am a former employee with AISD. Am I still required to submit requested attachments?

Teaching in Arlington

How do I apply for a teaching position at Arlington ISD?

  • Please fill out an online application. In order for administrators to review your application for open positions you must attach your documents.
  • If certified applicant:
    • Please submit an online application, including attached documentation (resume, cover letter, copies of transcripts and copy of teaching certificate).
  • If non-certified applicant:
    • Please submit an online application, including attached documentation (resume, cover letter, acceptance letter (also called Statement of Eligibility) from alternative certification program and copies of transcripts).
  • If out of state applicant:
    • Please submit an online application, including attached documentation, (resume, cover letter, copies of transcripts and copy of teaching certificate).
    • Must have paid for review of credentials through State Board of Educator Certification (512-936-8400 or, one year certification and fingerprint request.
    • Must have standard out of state certificate.

Gallup Insight Teaching Assessment

I did not receive the link to complete my Gallup survey...

  • Some email providers identify the Gallup survey links as spam and do not accept these emails. Please send an email, describing the issue to with your application ID/name so we can provide you with your Gallup link.

I received the link to complete the Gallup survey but after signing in as a returning user, Gallup informs me I have taken the Gallup in the past 12 months for Arlington ISD, and cannot retake. I cannot submit my application until the Gallup scores are recognized. What do I do?

I have already completed the Gallup for another school district in the past 12 months. Do I have to complete the Gallup again?

  • No. When you receive the link to complete the Gallup for AISD, please access the link to sign in to Gallup. You will be asked to complete a few demographic questions, then Gallup will provide you with the option to transfer your scores to our AISD application.

I just completed the Gallup for AISD but I am still receiving the Gallup message when I try to submit...

  • Some candidates are required to complete two Gallup surveys. If you have applied for Administrative positions as well as Teacher/other certified positions, you should receive two emails each with a different Gallup link. Please email us at if you are not receiving both/either emails so we can help you.
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