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Texas has a comprehensive PreK-12 curriculum that focuses on the teaching and learning of technology skills. The Technology Applications curriculum is specified as a required enrichment curriculum in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 126 and is not part of the Career and Technology Education curriculum. However, Career and Technology Education courses, Technology Applications courses, and PreK-8 integrated curricular opportunities provide multiple options for students to gain and apply 21st Century digital knowledge and skills. The provisions of §126.6 and §126.7 will be implemented by school districts beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.

Technology Applications TEKS are divided into grade clusters: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. There are benchmark years at grades 2, 5, and 8 and specific course requirements at grades 9-12. Students should be able to demonstrate applicable technology proficiencies before exiting targeted grades (2, 5, and 8). Although these grades are identified as benchmark points, all grade levels share the responsibility of preparing students to master the defined technology skills.

Arlington ISD offers several Technology Applications courses at the high school level: Pre-AP Computer Science I, AP Computer Science A, Advanced Computer Science III, Digital Design and Media Production, Web Design I and Web Design II. Successful completion of any of these courses provides a Technology Applications graduation credit.

The K-12 Technology Applications TEKS are available at Resources to assist educators in implementing the Technology Applications curriculum are available from theTechnology Applications Teacher Network.

The K-12 Technology Applications TEKS

Resources to assist educators in implementing the Technology Applications curriculum

Arlington ISD Scope and Sequence to complete mastery of Technology Application TEKS Grades K-8


AISD Student Proficiencies by Grade

 TitleModified DateSize
Kindergarten1/30/201350.61 KB
Grade 11/30/201350.41 KB
Grade 21/30/201350.28 KB
Grade 31/30/201352.31 KB
Grade 41/30/201352.31 KB
Grade 51/30/201352.31 KB
Grade 61/30/201357.19 KB
Grade 71/30/201357.24 KB
Grade 81/30/201357.57 KB

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