Computer Labs

Lessons conducted in computer labs or with mobile labs should have a meaningful curricular purpose and should be correlated to both Technology Applications and subject-area TEKS. 

Teachers should be actively involved in delivering instruction and in monitoring student behavior and progress throughout the lesson.

A projector should be used to demonstrate lesson content and all students should be able to view the content on a large screen.

Computer labs should not be used as free-choice opportunities for students or viewed as an opportunity for the teacher to grade papers or make telephone calls.

Teachers are required to provide instruction in computer labs. It is not the role of the Campus Technology Manager (CTM) or LAN Tech to deliver instruction or to supervise students.

The role of CTMs and LAN Techs is to provide technical assistance including the preparation of computer labs before classes and technical troubleshooting as needed.

Most CTMs and LAN Techs service technology equipment throughout an entire campus and therefore spend a great deal of time away from labs. Because of this situation, it is important for teachers to communicate any need for lab assistance well in advance of class time.

If assistance is needed with instructional issues (planning lessons, integrating technology and curriculum, identifying or locating appropriate software or online resources…), the teacher should request help from a Campus Technology Trainer or a District Instructional Technology Specialist.

Teachers who need instructional technology assistance should make arrangements to get help during trainers’ conference times or after school. Campus Technology Trainers are full-time teachers themselves and should not be expected to stop or interrupt their own classes.

Consideration should always be given to the class that will use the lab in the next time period. Teachers should monitor students carefully to see that they handle computers properly, exit or quit programs correctly, take personal belongings (worksheets, pencils, printouts…) with them, and leave computers and labs ready for the next group of students.

Elementary students are expected to participate in computer lab activities two times each week. Lessons for grades K-2 should be approximately 30 minutes in length. Lessons for grades 3-6 should be approximately 45 minutes in length. See the section of this handbook titled Keyboarding: District Guidelines for recommendations regarding the frequency and duration of keyboarding instruction for elementary students.

Students should never be sent to computer labs unless supervised by a teacher.

Elementary schools should not use computer labs in the P.E./Music rotation.


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