SBEC Standards & Exams

All beginning teachers are expected to master Technology Applications Standards I-V. Assessment items based on standards I-V were incorporated into TExES exams at every certification field and level beginning in the fall of 2002. New exams for Computer Science (Grades 8-12) and Technology Applications (Grades 8-12 and EC-12) became available in the fall of 2004. Certificates awarded after successful completion of the new exams replace Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Information Processing Technologies (IPT) endorsements. Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) tests replaced ExCET exams.

Candidates for initial teacher certification are required to pass the appropriate grade level of the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) portion of the TExES test. Candidates must also ensure that the proper grade level of pedagogy test passed corresponds to the grade levels of the content-area certificate sought.

The 77th Texas legislature passed House Bill 1475 which mandates a Master Technology Teacher certification and grant program. This program is similar to the Master Reading Teacher and Master Mathematics Teacher. Both the Texas Education Agency and SBEC are involved in the implementation of the legislation to ensure that there are teachers prepared to work with other teachers and with students to increase the use of technology in classrooms.

More detailed information regarding standards, certificates and examinations is available from:
Standards for Technology Applications (EC-12 and 8-12) and Computer Science (8-12):

Preparation programs for Technology Applications and Computer Science


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