Campus Technology Liaisons

Each K‐8 campus and alternative school is served by one Campus Instructional Technology Liaison. Each of the six comprehensive high schools is served by two technology liaisons.

Expectations of Campus Technology Liaisons

  • Attend three days of technology professional development per year (fall pullout, spring pullout, and one to two days in the summer)
  • Establish and promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the district and campus regarding technology
  • Facilitate technology‐related communications between the district and campus
  • Work with the campus principal to plan technology training classes
  • Submit an annual Campus Technology Training Plan to identify topics, presenters, times and dates for campus technology sessions (Although the liaison will present some sessions, the campus plan may identify other qualified teachers as presenters of certain technology topics at the campus.)
  • Serve as an expert for at least two approved technology topics
  • Present or arrange presenters so that each teacher has an opportunity to attend at least four hours of campus‐based staff development each year
  • Plan, attend and assist presenters and participants throughout technology sessions at your school
  • Notify the Instructional Technology Department in advance if any of the following conditions occur: You will be away from the campus for more than 3 consecutive contract days You will be assigned to a different home campus You plan to resign or retire You plan to discontinue service as a Campus Instructional Technology Liaison
  • Submit session information as directed for inclusion in the district’s staff development management system (ERO)
  • Demonstrate on a regular basis the use of technology in the classroom
  • Serve as a mentor for teachers who need assistance with instructional technology
  • Assist in orienting new staff
  • Continually search for, evaluate, and implement new instructional resources including software, websites and distance learning opportunities
  • Promote a positive, caring climate for all technology learners
  • Model and effectively communicate district policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible.

After successful completion of the requirements to become a Campus Instructional Technology Liaison, an individual will receive a $750 annual stipend and be paid $25 per hour for presenting technology sessions after school (restrictions apply). Liaisons must submit Payment Authorization forms and ERO sign‐in sheets to the Department of Instructional Technology within 60 days of the date services were rendered to receive payment.

Qualifications of Campus Technology Liaisons

  • A certified teacher with a minimum of three years teaching experience in AISD
  • Currently teaching students in the classroom
  • Regularly integrates technology into the curriculum
  • Content‐area teacher familiar with the curricula of multiple subject areas
  • Respected by faculty and administrators
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Frequently available before and after school
  • Assigned full time to the applicable campus
  • Can attend one pullout day each semester and the required number of days in the summer
  • Attended and presented considerable professional development for teachers

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