AISD Blog User Agreement

The students of my class will be participating in classroom blog. Per district requirements, I am emailing you this information so you will be aware (and may even want to participate).


This blog will be created using a blogging tool located at



In the interest of students’ safety, the following restrictions have been configured on the blogging site:

  • Only students and staff members with a related interest to this class are allowed to view this blog. A login is required to view any and all entries.
  • Only students and staff members involved in this class project can comment on student entries.
  • All student posts are subject to teacher approval (me) before being posted.
  • All comments are subject to teacher approval (me) before being visible on the blog.
  • All entries and comments will be removed from public view after the school year has ended.
  • No individual or identifiable profiles are available on the blog.


Terms and Conditions


I will monitor conduct on the class blog in order to maintain a positive learning community.


No student may include any information on the site that could compromise his or her safety or the safety of other blog members. Students will avoid specific comments about locations or schedules, or any other personal information as directed by FERPA.


All use of the blog will be in accordance with Arlington ISD’s Acceptable Use Guidelines, including entries and comments.


Uncited use of copyrighted material in blog postings, files, or comments will be deemed as plagiarism and not posted.


District Requirements


In order for us to use this tool, the district requires that I inform you of this and obtain your permission for doing so. Please reply to this message indicating your approval- only then will I proceed with setting up this blog for our classroom use.


If you’d like me to set up an account for you so that you can participate in our discussions and postings, I will do that and send you your login information.


If you’d like to know more about the educational benefits of blogging, see this great blog post: Although our audience won’t be a global one, students are still motivated by blogging!




Download .pdf version


Why Students Blog

1.     It is motivating and fun! Students think they are having so much fun, they forget that they are actually learning.

2.     Provides an authentic audience for writing- not just for a teacher.

3.     Suits all learning styles and students at all levels.

4.     Increased motivations for writing .

5.     Increased motivation for reading - my students will happily spend a lot of time browsing through fellow student posts and making comments.

6.     Improved confidence levels - We find talents that were otherwise unknown and it allows us to work on those strengths. It allows staff to often gain insight to how students are feeling and thinking.

7.     Pride in their work - Students want their blogs to look good in both

terms of presentation and content.

8.     Blogs allow text, multimedia, widgets, audio and images - all items that digital natives want and need

9.     Increased proofreading and validation skills

10.  Improved awareness of possible dangers that may confront them in the real world, whilst in a sheltered classroom environment

11.  Mutual learning between students and staff.

12.  Receive invaluable feedback from other readers.

13.  Blogs may be used for digital portfolios and all the benefits this entails

14.  Work is permanently stored, easily accessed and valuable comparisons can be made over time for assessment and evaluation purposes

15.  Students are digital natives - blogging is a natural element of this.

16.  Gives students a chance to show responsibility and trustworthiness and engenders independence.

17.  Prepares students for digital citizenship as they learn cyber safety and netiquette

18.  Fosters peer to peer mentoring. Students are happy to share, learn from and teach their peers


(adapted from Anne Mirtschin a teacher at Hawkesdale P12 College, in country western Victoria, Australia)


If you have difficulty using this site, email the webmaster about inaccessible content. You may also file a formal grievance in accordance with district policies.