TExES Review Overview

Because several teachers in our district are taking the EC-12 Technology Applications TExES Exam (like the former ExCET tests), we have written these mock quizzes to help get them some practice and preparation. Passing of this exam certifies a teacher to teach technology applications courses. In our district, this includes Junior High Technology Applications, HS Webmastery, HS Webmastery II, and HS Multimedia (HS Computer Science has a separate exam of its own). You can read more about the certifications and standards here: 

Tech Apps 8-12 or Tech Apps EC-12?

This is a question we receive often: Which of the two tests should I take? While this depends on several factors, keep in mind that the EC-12 exam will allow you to teach Tech Apps at any level (Early Childhood through 12th grade). Even though our district does not employ Tech Apps teachers below the 7th grade level, this would certainly make your certification more marketable should you ever leave our district to teach elsewhere. The material on the two tests are very similar, though the EC-12 test does contain a few pedagogical questions that are specific to younger students.

The questions in these practice quizzes are based on the educator standards, preparatory materials, and professional experience. To the left are links to each of the five quizzes. Keep in mind that the TExES Exam covers objectives from all five quizzes. For convenience, we have chunked these into smaller tests. No login is required for these quizzes. These quizzes are simply intended for practice only and don't necessarily represent the format of questions that will appear on the actual TExES exams!

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