Licensed Music

Licensed Music is available on the intranet only.....


Arlington ISD has purchased music that can be downloaded and used by students and teachers for their projects.


The license agreements which allow the use of these files is on file within the Instructional Technology Department. Arlington ISD students and faculty members may use these materials for educational media (audio, web, video, interactive) projects. This is only for educational projects. This does not include media projects that are produced by commercial vendors. This music may not be re-distributed outside of Arlington ISD.


Select from the CDs on the right. Each CD page will allow you to hear a short (5-20 second) clip of each song on the CD by clicking on the MP3 link. You are also able to download the song by clicking on the ZIP file link, which includes several different versions of the song. These versions will be various lengths between 5 seconds to the full song.


It is very important that sources be cited when using works created by others. These examples may help in providing source citations for the licensed music available here:


Studio Cutz CDs Citations


Studio Cutz Music (2005). Title of song. On Title of album [CD], Atlanta: MediaTone Music. Used under license.


Studio Cutz Music (2005). Ghetto Bird. On Hip Hop Nation [CD], Atlanta: MediaTone Music. Used under license.




Revolution CDs Citations:


Royalty Free Music Revolution (2009). Title of song. On Title of Album [CD], Denton, TX: Prolific Arts, Inc. Used under license.


Royalty Free Music Revolution (2009). Speed Freek. On Sports Rock [CD], Denton, TX: Prolific Arts, Inc. Used under license.

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