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The Arlington ISD announces the launch of its new mobile app, available now for both Android and Apple devices. The Arlington ISD app will provide students, parents, staff and community members quick and easy access to maps, phone numbers and websites for each Arlington ISD campus. It also has an events calendar, a parent section with links to Parent Self Serve, lunch menus and bus routes, and a student section with links to Student Self Serve, scholarship information and Google apps, and much more.

App users may also select the schools they are interested in to subscribe to relevant news and events and also receive real-time notifications. The Arlington ISD will use the app first to send push notifications regarding emergency situations and school closings. App users must subscribe to the specific school or schools they would like to receive emergency notifications from in order to receive alerts for those schools.

Parent Self Serve
PARENT SELF SERVE - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parents, don't forget about Parent Self Serve!

This system provides access to your child's attendance and grades. If you have more than one child enrolled in AISD, only register once to gain access to all of your children. Once you complete the registration, go to the school of the child you registered with to show a photo ID and complete your authorization. After that school authorizes your account you will be able to see all of your children.

Register with the first and last name you have on file with the district. You must also use the student's legal name to register. Additionally, you will need the student's ID number to register. This is the student's cafeteria number or it can be found on Progress Reports, Report Cards or student ID badges. Instructions for registering and using the Parent Self Serve can be found here:

For information on how to use & register on Parent Self Serve, please click here.



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