Mission Statement

The Plant Services Department is dedicated to providing safe, clean, comfortable, and functional physical structures and green spaces that create an environment conducive to the educational process.

Emergency Work Order Requests

Emergency work orders should be called into the dispatchers at 682-867-7612.
After normal business hours, at night, and on weekends or holidays, please contact AISD Security at 817-459-7699

Routine Work Order Requests

Routine work order requests may be entered by your campus representative in the work order system (MaintenanceDirect).  For emergencies, they may also be called in to the dispatchers at 682-867-7612.


Corey RobinsonEnvironmental/Safety Coordinator 682-867-7610
Danny HelmEnergy Manager 682-867-7655
Javier Fernandez Director, Facilities Planning and Construction 682-867-7729
Jeff L. ThomasSenior Manager of Operations 682-867-7606
Richard Flores, AIAStaff Architect 682-867-7616
Shawn ShocklerSenior Manager of Maintenance 682-867-7640
Susan SauterAdministrative Secretary 682-867-7611
W.M. Kelly HornExecutive Director 682-867-7611

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