Career and Technical Education

The global marketplace is changing. Employers need individuals with high skills in science, technology, mathematics and communications. Through the Career and Technical Education department, the Arlington Independent School District offers an enhanced educational system that prepares students for the future.

The cooperative efforts of educational leaders and business/industry partners create an environment supportive of the lifelong learning process for every student. Partnerships allows students to make a smooth transition from high school into career and/or higher education.

To link real-world experiences with academic requirements, the Career and Technical Education Department implements many strategies including:

·  Partnering with local industries to identify knowledge and skill sets.
·  Implementing and managing the Career and Technical Education programs.
·  Following a career-based education model that combines rigorous academics with real-world application.

The broad range of courses offered by the Career and Technical Education Department provides AISD students with the opportunities they need to develop the interests and skills necessary to progress beyond high school.


Coming Soon: Career & Technical Education Center