Boles' Student Council
Can Drive 2015

"The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue"
By Ev Miller
November 20th at 6:30 and November 21st at 2:30
$3 for Students & $5 for Adults

8th Grade
Zone Champions &
City Champions
A & B Teams!

$48, 000 Grant Awarded

The Science Department was awarded a AISD TI Grant today totaling over $48,000.  The grant included chromebooks for all 6 science classrooms, 3-D printers, X Box 360s, projectors, and other items. We certainly want to thank the science teachers for their creativity and willingness to submit a TI Grant proposal.  Congratulations to Diane Gunnip, Lori Green, Katie Kidd, Tracy Moore, Kristi Hendrix, and Ann Pritchard!

Science Department T-Shirt Order Form
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 23rd to 27th
Turkey School Regular Hours 
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Basketball Parent Presentation
Online Athletic
Participation Forms

Stem Academy Information Application Deadline 2/26/16

3rd 6 Weeks Begins 11/9 
and ends 12/18
Chick-Fil-A Game Day Meals Boles will provide a free planner to all students. 
The Arlington ISD app will provide students, parents, staff and community members quick and easy access to maps, phone numbers and websites for each Arlington ISD campus. It also has an events calendar, a parent section with links to Parent Self Serve, lunch menus and bus routes, and a student section with links to Student Self Serve, scholarship information and Google apps, and much more.
App users may also select the schools they are interested in to subscribe to relevant news and events and also receive real-time notifications. The Arlington ISD will use the app first to send push notifications regarding emergency situations and school closings. App users must subscribe to the specific school or schools they would like to receive emergency notifications from in order to receive alerts for those schools.
To download the Arlington ISD app from the Google Play Store, Click Here
To download the Arlington ISD app from the Apple iTunes Store, Click Here

Boles Federal Report
Card Information

SRC Letter 13-14 TEA TAPR Report
13-14 Boles SRC School Report Definitions







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